Lena Jakobsson

Storyteller & Media Maven


“Sometimes reality is too complex.
Stories give it form.”
Jean-Luc Godard
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"The single biggest problem in communication
is the illusion that it has taken place."
George Bernard Shaw

Project Manager

I know how to take ideas of any scope from pitch to execution – from creative and editorial ventures to large-scale logistics.

Content Creator

Few things excite me more than crafting a narrative in words and images. I produce compelling content for broadcast, print, and digital platforms, carefully honing voice, style, and message.

Communication Statetgist

As career-long media liaison, content strategist, coach, and relationship-builder, I have the instinct and background to achieve internal and external communication objectives.

Team Leader

I build a collaborative environment with a strong sense of partnership and organizational identity – whether leading breaking news teams across the country or fueling the passion of a non-profit action group.

About me

My career in TV journalism was a thrilling ride. In an industry where news breaks fast and personalities run strong, I got an 18-year crash course in communication strategy, message focus, and brand control.

From Columbine to Capitol Hill, I’ve covered important stories and found ways to make them relevant to my audience. With a front row seat to over a hundred courtroom dramas, I've learned an enormous amount about human nature and the tools of persuasion. I’m proud to have earned a reputation as unshakable under pressure, and the trust and loyalty of some of the finest teams in the business.

I’m now leveraging my distinct skillset to tell stories of a different kind – helping organizations and professionals find their voice and thrive with effective, message-driven narratives and communication management.


New York, NY